Kepler Institute Exam-IK

At Kepler Institute, we focus on providing excellent education to prepare you comprehensively for your journey towards university and preparatory studies. Our team of highly trained professionals will guide you through every step of the learning process.

Liber-IK High School

Liber-IK High School is much more than just a school; it is a space where dreams become achievable goals. Our educational approach is centered around the freedom to learn, explore, and discover. Here, each student is individually supported to develop their unique abilities and strengthen their critical thinking.


At Bach-k, we focus on providing innovative and flexible courses that allow employees to obtain their high school accreditation while balancing their work responsibilities.


SOMNIUM-K is an innovative company dedicated to the production and publication of a specialized magazine featuring the latest updates on Poluxorbital's educational binomials. Their magazine is a benchmark in the industry, providing updated and high-quality content on technology, pedagogical methodologies, scientific dissemination, advancements in education, community collaboration, and other related areas.


At Kosauki, we focus on providing innovative and flexible high school classes that allow our students to be great leaders as they prepare for the high school certification exam.