Polux Orbital represents a conglomerate of institutions dedicated to Mexican education and training, whose system is based on the ideas of freedom, innovation, evolution, and the challenges of uncertainty (a majestic mechanism that has transcended our own human conception).

From this galactic cluster, we create gravitational connections between our proposals and those of other entities with the aim of providing dimensional spaces with greater possibilities for our students. We learn, shape, propose, and participate in freedom, our greatest value.

At Polux Orbital, we contribute with awareness of the challenges of 21st-century Mexican education. Not doing so would imply facing our own development with limitations, biases, and theories that are irrelevant in the contemporary world.

Polux Orbital aspires to be a space of freedom, trust, responsibility, respect, and discipline, where young people are prepared to face the demands of the present, which have rapidly and astonishingly escalated in all aspects.


Guillermo Rosas Álvarez

Head Teacher

He is the creator and promoter of the educational conglomerate Polux Orbital, which aims to change paradigms and offer alternatives in line with the current situation and challenges of modernity faced by Mexican youth.

For him, it is crucial that students strengthen their educational knowledge and unique abilities, but he also considers it imperative for them to learn to dignify their attitude towards various challenges in daily life.

He believes that individuals' attitudes are crucial as they magnify the uniqueness of each person, maximize skills, provide alternatives, and dignify causes.

He defines himself as a liberal in the social context, conducts educational research, and disseminates scientific knowledge. His primary goal is to create spaces of freedom for Mexican youth.